Professor Qwbli (hear his story here)with his earthly partner, Play With Purposeare establishing play-based learning centers across planet Earth in hopes of transforming teaching & learning by harnessing the Power of Play! Our first location is in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan!

At Professor Qwbli’s Play-Based Learning Centers & Qeslora Intergalactic Museum & Space Shops (great name, huh?), we will help to develop tomorrow’s great thinkersproblem-solvers and leaders through play-based after-school programs & camps, as well as FREE family/community events, teacher workshops and events such as Family Game Nights and Parent Institutes, plus much more!

The space will also have a retail storefront that will feature The Qeslora Intergalactic Museum & Space ShopThe shop will sell Qeslora artifacts, memorabilia, souvenirs, as well as screen-free games from across the galaxy. 

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