Professor Qwbli & the Ghost of 406

GET ready for our FIRST ALL-AGES outdoor adventure!

Professor Qwbli's is in our second year at 406 S. Union Street in Old Town Traverse City. Old Town is an amazing place with a rich tradition. Up until recently, we thought we had found the perfect location for our first brick & mortar.

That sentiment started to change this Fall. It all started with strange noises, but with this building having been built in 1846, we just brushed it off. But some things we just couldn't explain. We started hearing a voice. Although we could not make out what the voice was saying, it was clearly trying to communicate with us. Several of our students and visitors claimed to have heard the voice as well. We spent a month investigating but we could not identify the source of the voice.

On January 14th, I was working late on a new program when the door to the crawl space rattled. Being the scaredy cat that I am, my first instinct was to run. But my curiosity won and I opened the crawl space door and was greeted with THE voice claiming, "You will find what you seek down here!"

The voice repeated the statement three times and then it was as if a bolt of cold air burst through the crawl space door going right through me as if something or someone was escaping. Gathering my nerve, I entered the crawl space and discovered...

Don't miss our FIRST ALL-AGES, OUT DOOR TRAPPED! inside Professor Qwbli's event, Professor Qwbli and the Ghost of 406! Your Team of 2 - 6 family, friends or co-workers will need to work as a team through a series of challenges, puzzles, riddles and conundrums to reveal the secret of 406. If successful you may find immeasurable wealth & notoriety!

This live event is played out throughout downtown Traverse City, so get your running shoes, swim suits and bikes ready!


DATE: Saturday, August 25
TIME: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm (BBQ to Follow at Hannah Park) 
WHERE: Professor Qwbli's
WHO: All- Ages
COST: $75 (Team of 2 - 6)