A TRAPPED! inside Professor Qwbli's Special Event

The year is 2165 and the world is in shambles. As specialists, you and your friends are asked to join The Resistance and stop The United World Government from finishing building their Warhead Antimatter Response (W.A.R.) facility.  

After the last 3 teams didn't make it back, you are our last hope.  

In this treasonous mission, you must:  

  • Disable the guard mechs, then
  • Break into the W.A.R. Facility without being detected.
  • Then steal the Antimatter Warhead and rig the facility to blow.

Again, you are our best and last hope. This facility cannot come online if The Resistance is ever to succeed.  

If you do succeed, well, that will be cause for celebration! We believe in you, so we will have the beer & wine on ice!  

DATE: Saturday, February 10th
TIME: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (or whenever) 
WHERE: Professor Qwbli's
COST: $125* (team of 4)  

ADULTS 25 & over  

*food, snacks, beer & wine included